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Employee Benefits Services

We have been helping Employers with Groups as small as 10 to Large Groups of Several 100s save up to 30% off of their Health Care Costs. We have innovated ways to use the Health Plans of the Major Carriers that other brokers don't take the time to do.  
With Health Care costs continuing to spiral out of control, employers need to find new and improved solutions to providing their employees with coverage options. The challenges are multifold. These include the rising costs of procedures, especially among specialists, the increasing cost and quantity of prescription medications being dispensed, the advent of newer and more refined technological aids, patient inclination to seek out rapid care, and more.   From the beginning to the end we will be there for you and your employees benefit situation. We will help you Plan what program would be best for you. Then come up with a Strategy to put those plans in place. Then help you track the Results of the plan.    Staying ahead of the curve in the competitive world of employee benefits means continually seeking out new and improved solutions to timeless problems.  

Skyrocketing health insurance costs are forcing many employers to cut back benefits or ask employees to payhigherdeductibles,copayments and premiums. This leaves a big gap between the benefits employers would like to offer and those they can afford and an equally big gap in employees' understanding of the changes, what their choices are and how to make the most of their benefits. Since many employers don't have the time, resources or in-house expertise to help their employees understand what they have and what else they need. CFLIBS does it for them, and at no fee.

A comprehensive, consistent benefit communications plan can have as much or more to do with employee satisfaction as what's actually in the benefits package.

We help you design a flexible employee benefits package that fits the needs of your business as well as your employees. This enables you to build a more loyal and satisfied workforce, and ultimately, a stronger business. Our benefits counseling and education helps each employee understand and appreciate the benefits available to them at work. Our superior enrollment options and services save you time and money. And our personal insurance products are tailored to the personal needs of your employees and your business.
Through our benefits communication and education services, we can help you communicate:
  • Core benefits
  • Plan redesigns
  • Premium changes and effect on paychecks
  • Voluntary benefit choices
  • Employee’s “hidden paycheck”
  • The overall value of benefits
  • What you as an employer contribute to your employees’ benefits
  • Available wellness programs
  • Wellness screening benefits

  • ​​Manage the increasing costs of health insurance.
  • Simplify the enrollment and administration   process.
  • Improve your employees’ appreciation and understanding of their benefits.
  • Provide a benefits package to help attract and retain employees
  • Control your benefit costs by providing voluntary benefits to help employees pay for what their health insurance doesn’t.
  • Communicate the benefits you provide your employees more effectively so they will better understand and appreciate them.
  • Enhance your enrollment process while taking the burden off of you and your staff.
  • Provide the convenience of payroll deduction for employee-paid options and enjoy hassle-free voluntary benefits administration through our secure, web-based services.
  • Make employee benefits more affordable for you and your employees with tax savings from pre-taxed qualified benefits.
  • Help you attract and retain workers and, ultimately, build a stronger business by expanding and enhancing your benefits program – at no direct cost to you.

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